Mr. Canning K.N. Chow

Co-Founder of J.A.M.

​Cellist/ Pianist

cellist at the hong koing string orchestra

with almost 20 years experience playing music, Chow has made music his career since 2009, performing professionally, and giving instrumental classes. After his studies at HKBU, Chow continued studying the instrument with Lauren Perrin and Chen Yi Chun for further pursuance of profesional cello skills. Chow's endless passion for cello has led him to have obtained a recital diploma certificate (FTCL) in 2016, and had been invited to perform at several master classes of virtuosic cellists, incl. Jian Wang, Trey Lee and Richard Bamping.

Canning's orchestral experience began from school time, playing for China Hong Kong Youth Symphony as principal cellist in 2011 to now as a cellist of the Hong Kong Strings Orchestra. One of the amazing performances worth mentioning was playing with the Collegium Musicum of Hong Kong at Carnegie Hall New York. As an orchestral cellist, Chow has collaborated with many famous soloists, incl. Jian Wang, Valentina Lisitsa, Joshua Bell. Chow has also been invited frequently to television shows for cello demonstrations, tv programmes such as "Cultural Plaza", "Good time old buddies" and "Cultural Engine 4 U".

in 2017, Canning established his studio J.A.M. Just About Music, provides various music services to the public.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.