Mr. Desmond T.y. Li


Desmond graduated from the BA (Hons) in Music Studies degree of the Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in violins and music education at the Hong Kong University of Education. He also received a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. During his studies at the University, Desmond studied violin and viola with Ray Tsoi, the director of the Hong Kong Music Academy. Desmond has obtained the diploma in viola playing at the Trinity Conservatory of Music in London, England with honors.


Desmond has more than 8 years of teaching experience, students used to clearly understand the knowledge of music and theory through his strictly teaching methods, as well as playing the correct posture of the instrument, and strive to lay a solid foundation for students to avoid playing the instruments with a bad posture, and cultivate a good sense of music. Currently, he is a professional violin and viola instructor. He is the instructor of violin instrumental classes at the schools such as St Paul's College (Primary Division), St. Hilary's Primary School and the Victoria Shanghai Academy (Primary Division). From time to time, he is a coach of the school orchestra.

Desmond has outstanding performance experience. He has performed at the Hong Kong Cultural Center, the Hong Kong City Hall and the Hong Kong University as a assistant principal violist with the Hong Kong Baptist University Orchestra, the Hong Kong Music Academy and the Mahler Orchestra. Li has also performed with many renowned musicians such as Dr. Gilbert Shek, Mr. Ray Tsoi, Dr. Helen Cha and Mr. Wilson Ng.

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