Mr. ison k.K. cheung

pianist, Keyboardist & Composer

Born in Hong Kong, Ison Cheung started organ and piano lesson at the age of six. He was educated on bachelor scholarships at the University of Queensland and completed a Master of Arts (Music) in Hong Kong (Major in Piano Pedagogy). His principal teacher were Professor Dennis Collin and Jim Schneider. He also studied under renowned music educator Professor Klaus Kaufmann in Salzburg, Alfred Wong, Ted Lo, Choi Sown-Le and Dr. Helen Cha.


As an active pianist and keyboard player, Ison has a wide repertoire of classical and contemporary music. Between 2005 and 2016, he performed in over fifty of solo, chamber, and session programs in the United Kingdom (London, Stoke City), Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne) and Hong Kong.


Apart from stage performances, Ison aspires to provide a comprehensive music training with aesthetic development to piano beginners, advanced students and adult beginners through his piano pedagogy.

Beside the outstanding results his students achieved in their diploma level exam and prizes won in Music Festivals and piano competitions, Ison believes music education cultivates creativity and sensibility. He incorporates classical music interpretation, improvisation skill, modern keyboard skills, and musicianship into his piano lessons.

Ison is currently a piano instructor and music lecturer in Baron School of Music and Open University of Hong Kong.

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