What is Music Therapy?

In Western countries, Music Therapy is part of the professional medical supporting team. It is categorized under Creative Art Therapies (other therapies, e.g. Art Therapy, Drama Therapy and Play Therapy).

Music therapy is a clinical way of using professional music and musical elements to intervene, by a registered music therapist, which establishes relationships between the therapist and participants, in order to achieve various therapeutic goals.

Music therapists use a variety of musical skills, together with psychological, counseling and other theoretical knowledge, we design suitable music activities for participants, encourage participant’s emotional, physical and social well-being. 

Music Therapy focuses on the process of treatment, rather than the merits of aesthetical musicianship. Participants do not need to have any musical background.

How does Music Therapy help?

  • creates a safe, comfortable environment

  • Allows free emotional expressions

  • explores yourself and surroundings

  • encourages interaction

  • music speaks when word fails

  • improves communication & social skills

  • increases confidence and self esteem

  • increases attention span

  • develops motor skillS

  • Develops creativity



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Who benefits from Music Therapy?

everyone is welcome to receive Music Therapy. it is especially beneficial to the following groups of participants: