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Project Tutti

Music for everyone!

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Project Tutti - Music Scholarship

J.A.M. sponsors 6 children from low-income families to receive free music classes (violin/ cello), free musical instruments & to have various performance opportunities.

Open doors to everyone for learning music, know more about music and art, and to discover their own potentials!

Project Tutti - 資助計劃

Project Tutti 計劃免費資助 6個名額予基層家庭的小朋友接受音樂課堂

(小提琴/ 大提琴)、樂器及演奏機會。希望為其提供音樂學習機會,

發展潛能,鼓勵他們追尋夢想 !

Project Tutti - Be our Patrons

For those who would like to support this Project, please contact

Mr Canning directly for further details.

Project Tutti - 成為贊助人

如欲支持本計,請與周先生 (Canning) 直接聯絡取得更多資訊。

Please click the button below for application form


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